How to view your current GPA and class rank in HAC

By: Public Communications | January 11, 2022


On Monday, Jan. 10, the district checked class ranks and GPAs for all high school students. Updated class ranks and GPAs are now viewable in the Home Access Center.  

Updates were necessary because grades for students who took Dual Credit courses during Summer 2021 had not been properly weighted as advanced courses. The issue was corrected on Monday, affecting the GPA for these students (about 3 percent of high school students in the district), their class rank, and potentially the class rank of other students. 

Reminder:  Class rank does not lock until the 3rd nine week period and fluctuations can occur during the verification process. 

You can log into the Home Access Center to see your child’s current GPA and class rank.

How to view class rank and GPA in HAC