Arrival & Dismissal


Students are not to enter the building prior to 7:30 am or after 4 pm as supervision is not provided. If students are eating breakfast, they will be allowed to enter the building at 7:20 am. Parents should instruct children to come directly to school in the morning. Upon arriving on school property, students must enter the building and not loiter outside. Parents should also instruct children to go directly home in the afternoon.
Car Riders
If your child is a car rider, you must drive your vehicle through the designated car rider line. You must have your yellow car rider sign displayed when picking up students by car.

Refer to the car rider map for drop off and pick up locations. In an effort to reduce congestion, we ask that you follow the suggested traffic flow patterns detailed in the arrival map and dismissal map. Please do not park along Woodland Hills Drive during dismissal. Humble ISD Police do monitor and will issue citations for parking illegally. Students may not be picked up or dropped off in front of the school. This is for school and daycare buses only.
For the safety of our children, do not park across the street and allow your child to walk across the busy roads.
Also, for the safety of our children, please do not pass other cars while loading and unloading children. Use your passenger door to load and unload your children.
For those of you who prefer to park and pick your child up, these children are not dismissed as car riders; they will be dismissed with walkers and bike riders.
Change of Transportation
Any change to a student's normal dismissal routine must be communicated before 2:45 by calling the receptionist, Mrs. Lomax. Students are not allowed to change their mode of transportation unless written notice or a phone call is received.