Environmental, Fire and Life Safety Department

  • The Environmental, Fire and Life Safety (EFLS) Department consists of a group of certified and experienced professionals in the environmental, fire and life safety, and electronic field who are dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy learning and working environment for Humble ISD's students, staff and visitors. The responsibilities under the purview of EFLS Department are as follows:


    • Indoor Environment Quality
    • Asbestos Hazard Emergency Respons Act (AHERA)
    • Chemical Management
    • Safety Training
    • Water Quality Inspections
    • Local, State and Federal Compliance
    • Consultant  

    Fire and Life Safety:

    • Fire Alarms
    • Sprinkler Systems
    • Kitchen Vent Hoods
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Fire Marshal Inspections
    • Consultant and Training
    • Intrusion Alarm


    • PA/Intercom Systems
    • Clocks
    • Bell schedules
    • Provide guidance and training
    • Installation/repairs

    The Humble ISD Environmental and Life Safety Department is committed to sustainable healthy and safe schools and facilities in support of the district educational mission.



Contact Us

  • Environmental Compliance Manager (TBD)

    Office Number:  281.641.8700



    Jeffrey Dennison

    Fire and Life Safety Coordinator


    Office Number:  281.641.8737