Environmental, Fire and Life Safety Department

  • The Environmental, Fire and Life Safety (EFLS) Department consists of a group of certified and experienced professionals in the environmental, fire and life safety, and electronic field who are dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy learning and working environment for Humble ISD's students, staff and visitors. The responsibilities under the purview of EFLS Department are as follows:


    • Indoor Environment Quality
    • Asbestos Hazard Emergency Respons Act (AHERA)
    • Chemical Management
    • Safety Training
    • Water Quality Inspections
    • Local, State and Federal Compliance
    • Consultant  

    Fire and Life Safety:

    • Fire Alarms
    • Sprinkler Systems
    • Kitchen Vent Hoods
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Fire Marshal Inspections
    • Consultant and Training
    • Intrusion Alarm


    • PA/Intercom Systems
    • Clocks
    • Bell schedules
    • Provide guidance and training
    • Installation/repairs

    The Humble ISD Environmental and Life Safety Department is committed to sustainable healthy and safe schools and facilities in support of the district educational mission.



Contact Us


    Environmental Compliance Manager (TBD)

    Office Number:  281.641.8700


     Rick Inkster

    Rick Inkster

    Fire and Life Safety Coordinator


    Office Number:  281.641.8737