Pre-AP Algebra
            8th Grade Math


    Room 203

    Pythagorean Theorem
    For assignments, notes, and weekly updates please visit the Schoology website at https://humble.schoology.com.  Students will use their myHumble (Rapid Identity) to access the website. 

    Students and parents should check grades online at 
    least once a week. I find it helps students set goals and eliminates any surprises at the end of the nine weeks. Students are responsible for keeping up with their math journals, having their homework each day, and turning their work in on time. Late work is -20 points for everyday it is late. I communicate with parents weekly by email through our grade book system.   If you would like to be added to this email list or need to update your email information, please contact the Riverwood registrar. 



    1st:  ALGEBRA PRE-AP
     2nd: ALGEBRA PRE-AP
     4th:  8th GRADE MATH
     5th:  8th GRADE MATH
    6th:   ALGEBRA PRE-AP
    7th: 8th GRADE MATH


    Conference Time:

    10:35 - 11;20 AM



    Tutoring will be offered twice a week.  Please check Schoology for ZOOM LINKS.  All students are welcome to attend as often as they would like.