• JFE Robotics Club


    The JFE Robotics Club is an opportunity for students to engage in complex problem solving and critical thinking skills while building confidence as a team.  It encourages students to create solutions to real-world missions or problems. The Ecobots Club benefits students’ educational experience by the following:  

    • Stimulates creativity
    • Inspires real-world problem solving  
    • Helps students see math, computer language, and science skills as tools that can foster life’s goals.
    • Enhances teamwork
    • Excites kids about learning
    • Teaches collaboration and respect for others

    **Closing date to apply is TBA.



    Meeting Dates: 

    Wednesdays from 4:00-4:45 P.M. in computer lab 608

    Parents/Guardians please pick up kids promptly at 4:45 P.M. 

    The first meeting is TBA


    We are going to have a robotic time!!

    Sponsor: Mrs. Shephard and Mrs. Graham