• FCE Staff Directory
     Principal, Jamie Tallent
    Assistant Principal, Matthew Griffin
     Secretary/BookkeeperCasey Johnson
     Registrar/Attendance, Jennifer Lopez
    Nurse, Stacy Brown 
    Nurse, Tara Hall
    Counselor, Andrea Jean
    Counselor, Amanda Baba
     Front Office, 281-641-3400
    Attendance, 281-641-3419
    *Calls will not ring through to the classroom throughout the day.  Calls will be forwarded to a voicemail so our teachers can concentrate on providing high quality instruction.  Phone calls will be returned at the end of the day.   
Last Name First Name Title/Dept Email Phone Room
Andrew Kimberly Librarian Kimberly.Andrew@humbleisd.net 3406 604
Austin Aaron 5th Grade Aaron.Austin@humbleisd.net 3486 T18
Baba Amanda Counselor ababa@humbleisd.net 3407 A16
Barrett Nicole 4th Grade Nicole.Barrett@humbleisd.net 3440 304
Beck Lacey 3rd Grade lbeck@humbleisd.net 3455 503
Beech Whitney 5th Grade Whitney.Beech@humbleisd.net 3467 T5
Berryhill Chandler 3rd Grade Chandler.Berryhill@humbleisd.net 3446 402
Blair Rachel 2nd Grade Rachel.Blair@humbleisd.net 3430 201
Brown Stacy Nurse Stacy.Brown@humbleisd.net 3405 A02
Calloway Amy 3rd Grade Amy.Calloway@humbleisd.net 3484 502
Castro Martha 3rd Grade mlcastro@humbleisd.net 3456 501
Castro-Young Larissa Front Office Larissa.Castroyoung@humbleisd.net 3491 A01
Chaney Shirrell Life Skills Para Shirrell.Chaney@humbleisd.net 3476/3477 LS1/LS2
Chenault Chloe 2nd Grade Chloe.Chenault@humbleisd.ne 3429 203
Corrales Clae Speech Clae.Corrales@humbleisd.net 3426 A17
Daigle Symone 1st Grade Symone.Daigle@humbleisd.net 3471 P3
DiRosa Laura ESL/GT Laura.DiRosa@humbleisd.net 3490 T10
Dorsett Abina Art Abina.Dorsett@humbleisd.net 3462 609
Edson Kristen 1st Grade Kristen.Edson@humbleisd.net 3469 P1
Fernando Eromi 3rd Grade Donaeromi.fernando@humbleisd.net 3458 506
Flowers Steva 3rd Grade Steva.Flowers@humbleisd.net 3457 505
Galvan Stephanie Music Stephanie.Galvan@humbleisd.net 3413 704
Gatcomb Jamie 1st Grade Jamie.Gatcomb@humbleisd.net 3423 101
George Roslyn Intervention/Testing Coordinator Roslyn.George@humbleisd.net 3468 P4
Glover Precus IT Precus.Glover@humbleisd.net 3459 WR5