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    The counselor’s main goal is to enable instruction for all students by removing barriers to learning.  At CE, all students, parents, teachers and other recipients of the guidance program  have equal access to counseling services.  Our developmental guidance program will be based upon  the identified needs of all students on our campus.  In Humble ISD, we use the “Great 8,” Why Try and No Place for Hate programs in order to teach character development to all students. 

    Comprehensive Guidance Program

    The components of a comprehensive guidance program include:

    • Classroom Guidance – lessons taught in every classroom to help all students develop basic life skills.
    • Responsive services  -  counseling services given to specific students with identified needs.
    • Individual Planning – supports all students as they develop educational and career goals.
    • System support  -  academic program, staff support activities and consultation support.

    The role of the counselor is one of support to our school community and is not considered to be disciplinary. 

    Referrals to the Counselor

    A student may be referred to the counselor by his/her guardian, teacher, and administrator or through self-referral. 

    Counseling referrals can be made by anyone through the counseling web page on the Centennial Elementary web site.  This will be the most effective and most efficient way to refer a student.

    Parents can refer their child through a phone call or conference at the school with the counselor.

    Classroom Guidance 

    Guidance lessons will be scheduled with the counselor each nine weeks, and additional guidance lessons will be taught throughout the school year that address peer pressure, anti-bullying, self-efficacy, & conflict resolution.

    Lessons will take place in the classroom or the Library.

    Guidance Lessons will be taught using the Great 8 Skills for Daily Life.  These skills include Optimistic Thinking, Self-Management, Relationship Skills, Goal-Directed Behavior, Decision Making, Personal Responsibility, Self-Awareness and Social-Awareness.

     It is the expectation that if guidance lessons take place in the classroom, the teacher remains in the class to observe in order to carry out the learned skills in daily activities.



Last Modified on May 31, 2023