• Quest Early College High School

    Grading Policy


    Progress Reports

    Progress reports will be distributed every three weeks.


    Report Cards

    Report cards are issued after the end of first and second semesters.


    e-School Home Access Center

    e-School Home Access provides family access to student grades and attendance information. Refer to your campus

    website for more information.


    Determining Grades

    Grades are based on combinations of the following:

    ·       Tests administered during the grading period

    ·       Notebooks, reports, and other class projects

    ·       Classroom participation, daily work, and homework

    ·       Quality of work

    ·       Semester Assessments


    These assignments may count as Formative or Summative. Formative assignments may include homework, quizzes, daily notes,etc.  Summative assignments may include tests, projects, final essays, etc. There will be a minimum of 7 Summative grades in a semester.  No test or assignment will count more than one-fifth(20%) of the nine weeks average, or10% of the semester average. Actual grades earned will be entered in the grade book and those grades will be used to calculate the semester average.  Grades will be entered into the eSchool grade book on a weekly basis.


    Final Exams

    Quest Early College High School will administer Final Semester Assessments at the end of each semester.  These grades will be averaged with other semester grades as Summative Assessments.


    Grade Equivalent and Conversion Scale

    Grades from other schools will be converted to Humble Independent School District grading scale as stated in the

    following policy. The Texas State Scale will be used when letter grades are given.

    A = 90 100            B = 80 89                C = 70 79                   F = 69 and below

    ·       Numerical grades and award of credit will be accepted from other districts as they are printed on

    the official transcript of the sending district. A student who transfers to Humble Independent

    School District with numerical grades that are not passing in the sending school does not receive

    credit or grade points in Humble ISD schools for those courses.

    ·       If transfer grades from other school are reported in letter grades or percentages, Humble ISD

    schools will honor the conversion scale of the sending school if it is printed on the official

    transcript of the student or provided in writing from an official of the sending school.

    ·       Grades from Lone Star College are reported in letter grades and will be converted to the State and Humble ISD

    grades conversion scale as follows:


    Letter Grade:           Numerical Grade:

    A+                                                 99

    A                                                   95

    A-                                                  92

    B+                                                 88

    B                                                    85

    B-                                                  81

    C+                                                 79

    C                                                    77

    C-                                                  75

    D+                                                 74

    D                                                   73

    D-                                                  71

    F                                                    69 and below



    ·       If a student transfers from a school out of the country and the transcript reflects a grading scale

    different from the circumstances stated above, every effort will be made to convert the grades as

    closely as possible to Humble ISD’s grading scale.


    Re-teaching and Reassessment

    The intent of Humble Independent School District’s re-teaching reassessment policy is to ensure that students have

    an opportunity to master the District’s curricular objectives. Re-teaching in the District may be integrated into

    lessons during guided practice and may be a part of the explanation phase when checking for understanding is done.

    The teacher will determine when re-teaching should be scheduled. For critical skills, it will be done immediately; for

    recurring skills, it may be deferred.


    After re-teaching, the teacher may use a variety of reassessment techniques to determine mastery. These techniques

    may include oral questioning,observation, retesting, demonstration, an additional assignment, or an alternative for

    mastery of the assignment. This applies to all forms of assessment.


    Reassessing Individuals

    Individual campuses have developed reassessment policies that are supportive of academic achievement. Please visit

    your student’s campus website for additional information regarding individual reassessment practices.


    Reassessing Groups

    An entire class or group will be re-taught and reassessed when the teacher determines that half (50%) or more of the

    class have failed to perform at mastery level (70%). The higher of the two grades shall be recorded for each class

    member. This does not apply to final exams.


    Tutorial Services

    All secondary campuses provide tutorial services a minimum of two days per week. These classes are for those

    students whose grades have fallen below70%, who need extra help mastering concepts, or need to make up work

    missed due to absences. Please visit your student’s campus website for additional information regarding tutorial



    Late Work

    Assignments and tests must be completed and turned in on the assigned date in order to receive full credit.

    Individual campuses have developed late work policies that are supportive of academic achievement. Please visit

    your student’s campus website for additional information regarding late work policies.


    Academic Dishonesty

    Cheating on an assignment or test will result in a zero being recorded for that assignment or test. In addition,

    cheating is considered a level 2 conduct violation and is subject to additional disciplinary measures as discussed in

    the Student Code of Conduct.



    Any work or tests made up due to truancy may not receive an academic grade higher than 70. In addition to an

    academic penalty, the student is subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Work not

    made up will receive a grade of zero.



    Students will be permitted to make up assignments missed due to suspension and will receive the grade earned on

    the make-up work if the work is completed within a reasonable time period as determined by campus administrator.

    A zero will be recorded if the student fails to satisfactorily complete the work missed.



    All senior students, including those at the discipline program, who have met Humble ISD requirements for

    graduation are eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies.