• Ann C. Dorsey
    Room; 2104
    8:10-8:40 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday
    Flex     Wednesday and Thursday
    Phone number: 281-641-7300             
    Email Address:  ann.dorsey@humbleisd.net
    National Honor Society Advisor
    Spanish Honor Society Advisor
    Lead ESL Teacher

    1st Period - MAPS, EL

    2nd Period - SPAN 2311

    3rd Period - Spanish I

    4th Period - Conference Period

    5th Period - Spanish 1

    6th Period - Spanish I

    7th Period - Spanish I

    8th Period - Learning Lab, EL

    Bear Family: See 'Activities' tab on QECHS Home Page

    National Honor Society: See 'Activities' tab, QECHS Home Page

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  • Tutoring Times

    ONE Zoom Code for all listed in Google Classroom (GC)

    Where is Dorsey:

    Monday & Wednesday (lunch 1:53-1:23)

         Tutoring:  9:35-3:00 via Zoom, email or GC

         Class for Spanish 1: 1:35-3 p.m. in Zoom.

     Tuesday & Thursday (lunch 1:53-1:23)

         Class for Spanish 1: 11:05-12:30 in Zoom

         Class for Spanish 1: 1:35-3:00 in Zoom

         Tutoring: 3:05-4:30 in Zoom