Coach Wheeler and Coach Castle
  • Name: Annie Castle/Keith Wheeler
    Grade: K-5
    Department: Physical Education 
    Room Number: 411
    Telephone: 281-641-2540
    Email Address:
    Conference Time: 10:35-11:05 daily


    Coach Castle's Schedule:


    8:10-8:55     4th Grade

    8:55-9:40     5th Grade

    9:50-10:35  3rd Grade

    11:50-12:35  Kindergarten

    12:35-1:20    1st grade

    1:20-2:05      2nd grade

    2:10-3:10     Enrichment Class


    About Me:

    I have been in Education for 33 years and at Whispering Pines Elementary for 21 of those years.  I have coached and taught at the College, Junior College, High School, Middle School and Elementary level.  I was a college softball coach for 8 years.  I have two wonderful daughters and I am married to my best friend.  I love to walk, workout read, and play games on my phone .I love my job and love coming to work every day.



    Welcome to the wonderful world
    of Physical Education.
    We stress the importance of Fitness through Fun and Play!  
    Please help us keep your child safe!
    Make sure they wear tennis shoes!
    Talk to Them About The Importance of Self-Hygiene
    Please Double-Tie All Shoes, Especially Those Who 
    Are Unable to Tie Their Own Shoes.  



    Humble ISD Physical Education Mission Statement

    All elementary school-aged children will participate in a physical education program

    that will increase physical competence, health-related fitness and self responsibility,

    so that they can establish physical activity as a natural part of every day life.


    WPE Mission Statement:  
    WPE will empower our students 
    and staff to be critical thinkers and positive communicators.  
    We pledge to model and facilitate personal responsibility
     and global citizenship.
    WPE Vision Statement: 
    WPE fosters leadership and collaboration 
    for school, families and community in a 
    creative and trusting environment.

    PE Expectations, Grading, and Dress Code


    • All students will be actively engaged in a safe, respectful, and responsible learning environment inside the gym and outside on the pavilion, playground, and track 


    • Grades will be determined by your child’s participation and attitude. Clothing that allows for movement and proper footwear are highly recommended on PE days(NO Crocs, sandals, wheelies, or flip flops are allowed)

    • If your child cannot participate due to an illness or injury please send a note from home to be given to their homeroom teacher first thing in the morning and a copy will be made by the nurse and given to the PE teacher. (Please note that a parent note is good for 3 consecutive days of non participation, after that, a doctor’s note is required as stated in the Humble ISD Student Handbook)
    Super Kids Day 
    Friday, April 22nd
    Join us for a fun-filled day full of games and inflatables!
    Times:  8:30-10   PreK, Kinder, 1st
    10:30-12  2nd and 3rd
    1:00-2:30  4th and 5th
    Classroom Activities will focus on sports skills, including basketball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse and flag football.
    K-2 will continue to work on sport skill development and locomotor activities.
    All classes promote sportsmanship and integrity.
    All classes will continue to work on finishing a marathon to earn their t-shirt!
    Olympic Theme Activities/Teamwork Activities
    Grades 3rd, 4th & 5th    
    Locomotor Skills/Personal Space Activities


    Physical Education Activities
    State-Mandated Fitnessgram Testing for 3rd-5th will begin again this fall.
    Students are tested on Curl-Ups, Push-Ups, Flexibility, and Aerobic Endurance.

     WPE Team Challenges!!

    Grades 2-5th will participate in the WPE End of Summer Olympic Team Challenges during September and October.  Friendly competitions will emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, participation and perseverance while developing self-esteem and understanding of "best effort".   Some of the competitions will include challenges in Pavilion Kickball, Crab Soccer, Texas Shootout, Human Pinball, Dodge Frenzy, Blitz and many more!
    Kindergarten and 1st grade will be working/playing activities such as Shipwreck, Parachutes, Movement Challenges, Dead Bugs to strengthen skills in movement, personal space, locomotor patterns and initial understanding of rules and games.
    All students in grades 3rd-5th grade are required to be tested annually through the state Fitnessgram program.  Students will be assessed in various fitness activities including curl-ups, push-ups, flexibility, and aerobic endurance.  Through class activities we will focus on developing strength, flexibility, and endurance through fun activities in all grade levels.
    Fitnessgram testing will begin in October and held various times throughout the year.
    Students in grades Kindergarten-5th will participate in the Marathon Challenge during classes.  Each student will "run a marathon" (26.2 miles) throughout the school year.   Students who complete the challenge will be awarded a marathon t-shirt at the end of the school year.  (donated by Steve and Paula Boone who are marathon enthusiasts in our community and love to spread the joy and health benefits associated with running)
    Turkey Trot
    Friday, November 19th
    Join your child during their specials time (see above) 
    and run/walk as many laps as you can!  
    Visitor laps count double for your child's class and
    Visitors with Turkey Trot shirts count 4x!
    Winning class awarded the 2021 Turkey Trot Championship and
    ice cream and the winning teacher awarded a gift
    certificate to the book fair!
       All 4th graders will have the opportunity to apply for Safety Patrol in the Spring.
    After filling out an application, they must have a parent and teacher signature for approval.
    Current 5th graders by invitation only.
    Applications available Spring 2022
    Spring 2022 Activities
    Boosterthon Obstacle Course
    Friday, Feb. 4th
    Details TBA
    Super Kids Day
    Friday, April 22nd
    Details TBA
    First Tee Golf Challenge
    Saturday, April 2
    Details TBA