• Each 5th grade homeroom will follow a different schedule.  The times will be the same, but the classes will be different.  Here is the schedule for Mrs. Ward's homeroom.

    7:30- 9:00     Social Studies with Mrs. Brown (Mrs. Pinto will be here until October).

    9:00- 10:00   Science with Mrs. Ward

    10:00- 10:45 Specials (we are on an 8 day rotation.  Your student will have their specific specials area on their calendar in their binder.)

    10:55- 11:25  Lunch

    11:25- 11:55  Recess

    12:00- 1:00    RELA with Mrs. Alarcon

    1:00- 2:00     Math with Mrs. Jacquot

    2:00- 3:20     RELA with Mrs. Alarcon


    • Tutoring will be given on an as-needed basis and by invitation only.

Stacey Ward