Mrs. Allums
  • Hello! My name is Mrs. Allums and I teach 6th grade science. This is my third year of teaching, but my first year teaching in Humble ISD. I have an Associates degree in Education, a Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and certified to teach core subjects EC-6. I am excited to be part of Ross Sterling MS. 



  • If you would like to schedule a conference time with me, please email me. They will be held on late arrival Wednesdays during my conference period and must be communicated with me a week prior. If a conference is needed asap, please contact me via email and we will work out another plan. 

    Normal Bell Schedule:

    • First Bell- 8:26 am
    • 1st Period- 8:30am - 9:19am (General Class)
    • 2nd Period - 9:23am - 10:14am (Planning)
    • 3rd Period - 10:18am - 11:07am (General Class)
    • Lunch - 11:07am - 11:37am
    • 4th Period- 11:41am -12:30pm (Advanced Class)
    • 5ht Period- 12:34pm - 1:23pm (Confrence Time)
    • 6th Period- 1:27pm - 2:15pm (General Class)
    • 7th Period- 2:19pm - 3:07pm (General Class)
    • 8th Period- 3:11pm - 4:00pm (General Class)

    Wednesday (with Late Arrival Week):

    • First Bell- 8:26am
    • Advisory- 8:30am - 9:15am 
    • 1st Period- 9:19am - 10:49am (General Class)  
    • Lunch- 10:49am - 11:19am
    • 3rd Period- 11:23am - 12:53pm (General Class)  
    • 5th Period- 12:57pm - 2:27pm (Confrence Time)  
    • 7th Period- 2:31pm - 4:00pm (General Class)  

    Thursday Late Arrival

    • First Bell- 10:01
    • 2nd Period- 10:05am - 11:00am (Planning)  
    • Lunch- 11:00am - 11:30am
    • 2nd Period- 11:34am - 11:57am (Planning)  
    • 4th Period- 12:01pm - 1:15pm (Advanced Class)  
    • 6th Period- 1:19pm - 2:37pm (General Class)  
    • 8th Period- 2:41pm - 4:00pm (General Class)  
  • Tutorials will be after school on Mondays from 4:00pm - 5:00pm.