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    Mrs. Bourbeau

    Mrs. Bourbeau-

    6th Grade Math On-Level & Pre-AP

    My name is Jeanette Bourbeau (pronounced -Burr-Bow). I’ve worked in
    education for 15 years and I love math! I graduated from the University of
    Houston, and I’m currently getting my Master’s in Counseling at Sam Houston
    State University. I have 4 children. One girl and three boys. Martin Luther King
    Jr. is my favorite person in history because he had the courage to do what was
    right knowing he was risking his life for the good of our people. In our free time,
    we are helping our children to become young adults. I also make gourmet cake
    balls, watch basketball (Boston Celtics) and football (Steelers), do research in the
    field of mental health, and periodically make homeless packages for our fellow

    Americans on the streets of downtown.

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    Teacher Conference Time: 6th Period (2:07pm-3:01pm)


    TUTORING- THURSDAYS 7:40-8:10AM  AND 4:00-4:30PM