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    2023-2024 Emerald's Dance Team Auditions


    If your number is selected, please read the welcome letter below, click all links below, and fill out all forms!






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    Pay the $100 Team Camp Deposit & Read the Welcome Letter Click the Link Below


       Welcome to Autumn Ridge Middle School 




    Dear Parents and Students, 


    We are so proud to have you on our team this upcoming dance season. We are a year-round extra-curricular organization. This year you will embark on an amazing new journey that will provide you with great, long-lasting memories and life skills for success. The Autumn Ridge Dance Team is a group of students who will represent themselves as student leaders and ambassadors of their school as well as the community. We are a competitive dance program that will train in dance and cheer movement. Our motto is to work hard and play hard. We will have many fun events and socials for our students this year. However, we will train to be our best for all of our events. We will practice twice to three times after school and some Saturdays.  In the Spring contest season, we will practice daily and on Saturdays. Each member is required to be enrolled in our team dance class. Please make sure to check your schedule to make sure you are placed in the Emeralds team dance class. Each member will be expected to meet all the district handbook, humble isd dance handbook, and dance team handbook requirements. We will follow all UIL's rules, standards, and expectations. We are a No Pass No Play dance team and organization. 

    Our season begins the first day you are chosen to be a member of the ARMS Emeralds Dance Team. Each member will be sized for uniforms and expected to make their first deposit of $100 on April 7th, 2023. There will be a list of attire and dance items needed for the upcoming dance season. The list will have due dates, links, payment plans, and financial expectations. We will use dance vendors' links, Emerald's Booster Club and the district RevTrak for all payments. ( NO CASH or CHECKS )   We will hold practices in April and May after school. Our designated practices will be twice a week at Autumn Ridge Middle School. Specific days will be given to parents and students one to two weeks prior to practice. We will begin to work on ballet technique and cheer arm positions. Over the summer you are required to attend all camps and designated practices. Please be prepared to attend summer camp in the last week of July.  Summer Camp 2023 for our annual team camp. We will begin learning our team bonding, football routines, pep rally dances, contest routines, and more. Students will need an updated physical. The link is below. 


                                                                                                    Step 3:  

    Physical Form

    Summer dance requirements are ten ballet hours. Summer hours are due by the end of July.  Each member may get more dance hours after their ballet hours are completed. You may attend any dance studio of your choice. However, I will send out a studio list to all parents with options for studios in your area.

    In August we will practice the first two weeks of school after school to prepare for our football season. During this time, we will go over field routines and yard lines, victory lines, stand routines, parade, pep rally dances, contest choreography, and work on dance skills. These days will be our Back to School Dance Camp days.

    There will be reminders and communication through email, Remind 101, and Band. We will also use SignUpGenius for parent event sign-ups. I will be sending out those codes to each App after you have filled out the google form below.




    *It must be on a HUMBLE ISD 2023-2024 physical form

    *It has to be conducted AFTER February 1, 2023

    *It must have the date of examination with clearance

    *It must have a physician's stamp & signature. 

    Please complete the RANK ONE paperwork.

    In order to participate in dance, students must have a 2023-24 Physical on file with the Autumn Ridge Athletic department and have all of the required forms for HUMBLE ISD Athletics completed digitally.  This information can be completed at home via computer or smartphone.  


                                                                                              Step 4:  


    2023-2024 Online RANK ONE Athletic Paperwork 

    Please click HERE or go to Http://tiny.cc/humblesport  

    • Click the top tab “Electronic Participation Forms
    • You will need to complete all the forms (if you are not trying out for football, you do not need to fill out the helmet form)
    • Type in the student name, student's school ID number, and school.
    • Read and complete the form with Guardian signatures, and repeat the other forms.

    Information needs to be completed before any student can participate in athletic activities.

                                                                                                 Step 5:  

    MIDDLE SCHOOL DANCE HANDBOOK LINK https://drive.google.com/file/d/14G1ATj71u4UbmCCEVziA_LlLR5960-68/view

                                                                                                  Step 6:  

    Autumn Ridge Middle School Dance Team Handbook Link Below




    ARMS Emerald's Dance Team Director 

    Dance Teacher 

    Email: Tjweathe@humbleisd.net 

    Ms. Weathers 










    The Autumn Ridge  Dance Program offers students a wide variety of dance styles and techniques.  Students in grades 6th-8th  have the opportunity to study dance as part of their academic program fulfilling fine art, physical education, or elective credit.  Courses are structured by TEA dance curriculum guidelines. 


    Autumn Ridge Middle School offers three levels of dance, including Introduction to Dance, Intermediate Dance, and Advanced. Students are also provided performance opportunities throughout the year.  The first three levels are technique-based, focusing on various disciplines (including modern dance, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, musical theatre, and contemporary), dance history, choreography and performance.  Both written and practical assessments are administered throughout the year.


    There is also our Elite Team for all upper level dance classes, the Emerald's Dance Team.  Auditions are generally held in March and April for the following school year. The Emerald's Dance Team are competitive and  performance-based.  We also meet as a class during the school day. Our organization requires after-school rehearsals and performances throughout the entire school year.



         Emerald's Dance Director & Dance Teacher  Ms. Weathers

    Contact Email: tjweathe@humbleisd.net

    Subject: Dance 


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    4A Confrence & Planning Period

    5A Emeralds Dance Team