• Hello! My name is Jong Lee and this is my first year teaching and my first year at West Lake Middle School.

    I'm one-of-three educators teaching United States History. 

    I obtained my bachelors degree in print journalism at the Univeristy of Houston. I covered Houston Cougars' sports for three years. I got to travel with the football team, covered soccer, basketball, and swimming and diving. During my senior year, I started an internship with ESPN Radio 97.5 in Houston and worked for them for 10 years.

    At my time at ESPN Radio, I worked my way from intern to program director. I love working with younger minds and coached many interns who went on to work for companies like MTV, national ESPN, The Athletic and more!

    My wife and I have two great german shepherd mix pups! Their names are Rogue and Logan; I love comic books. 

    My wife gave birth to our first child and her name is Brienne Marie Lee. She's just the cutest little thing and we love her dearly!

    Here are a few ways you can contact me:

    281-641-5922 (O)


    Room D112

    Twitter: @JongLeeWLMS

    My conference period is 3rd period

    Tutoring day: Friday or by request

    Daily schedule:

    1st period - On level

    2nd period - On level

    3rd period - Conference

    4th period - On level

    5th period - Pre-AP

    6th period - Pre-AP

    7th period - Pre-AP

Maternity pictures of my wife, I, and our two pups