• Hello!  My name is Pamela Melvin and this is my 4th year at Whispering Pines Elementary in Pre-K.  I have over 12 years' experience working with Pre-Kindergarten students as a classroom teacher and Preschool Director.  I am from Independence, Missouri and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Relations from the University of Central Missouri and went through ACP (Alternative Certification Program) to become a Texas teacher.  I am a former military spouse and have been married for 32 years.  I have 5 wonderful children and 2 fur babies. I love animals, coffee and traveling.  I am a foodie, shopper and being from the great State of Missouri, my team is the Kansas City Chiefs.  I look forward to working with your students this year and watching them learn and grow.  Joining me in Pre-K is our paraprofessional, Camille Escamilla.  This is Mrs. Escamilla's first year at WPE and we are excited that she is with us.  

    E-Mail:  pmelvin@humbleisd.net 
    Room Number:  PK2
    Phone: 281-641-2500
    Web Site:  https://mrspmelvin.weebly.com                           
    Class Schedule
    7:30        Soft Start
    8:00        Breakfast/Clean Up
    8:30        Restroom
    8:35        Calendar/Community Time       
    9:00        Recess        
    9:35        Water Break   
    9:40        Attendance
    9:40        Heggerty (Phonics Lesson)/Alphabet Review
    10:30      Lunch
    10:30      Restroom
    10:40      Literacy/Social Studies Whole Group
    11:00      Literacy Centers
    12:30      Mindful Moment
    12:55      Writer's Workshop
    12:55      Restroom as Needed     
    1:20        Specials
    2:05        Math Whole Group
    2:20        Math & Science Centers
    2:50        Prepare for Dismissal
    3:00        Move to Dismissal Area
    3:10        Dismissal

Mrs. Melvin