• Sharnelia Johnson

    6th Science



Ms Johnson
  • 1st - Science 6A

    2nd- Science Planning (off)

    3rd- Science Virtual (V3)**

    4th- Science 6A

    5th- PreAP Science 6A

    6th- Science 6A

    7th- Conference Period (off)

    8th- PreAP Science Virtual (V3)**


    Effective August 24: **Virtual classes will take place 3rd (10:18-11:07) and 8th (3:11-4:00pm) periods on Tuesday- Friday. Virtual students can attend one/both for any additional help.

  • Have any questions or want to chat? Join me in my zoom meeting during 3rd and 8th period, Tuesday- Friday!

    Meeting ID:

    964 0652 4495