Hi everyone! I'm Ms. Garcia but most of my students call me Ms. G since there are soOoo many Garcia’s!  I will be your 6th Grade Science Teacher this year.  I am extremely excited to start off with some new innovative tech tools and programs to keep our students at the top of their game. 



    I received my Bachelors Degree in Biology with a minor in Microbiology and a concentration in Environmental Sciences from the University of Houston-Downtown (2017). This will be my 4th year teaching. I have taught 6th grade science for 2 years and 3rd grade math/science for 1 year. I loved middle school science so much I just had to come back to it! 


    In science, we focus on Science Process, Knowledge, and Skills Standards to prepare our students for future careers (that may not even exist yet).  Before you move onto 7th grade science, you will have:

    • mastered basic computer skills
    • practiced scientific investigation and reasoning 
    • collect and record data 
    • researched information
    • solved problems and analyzed data
    • designed and created a variety of projects
    • learned safe practices during lab experiments 
    • learned how to be respectful, responsible and healthy citizens of this environment

    To learn more about me, go to this link: My App




Tiffany D Garcia