Ms. Deonica Harris
    Welcome to The Harris Family!

    I am Deonica Harris, the teacher.  This is my inaugural year with the MOSAIC 18+ Transition Program and my 15th year in education. Pia Sullivan is our paraprofessional and this is her 2nd year with MOSAIC.

    I hold a Bachelors of Science from The University of Texas at Tyler as well as a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from The University of St. Thomas.

    I’m certified in the followings areas:

    -Special Education Grades (EC-12)
     -Generalist Grades (EC-4) EC-4
    -English as a Second Language Supplemental Grades (EC-12)

    MOSAIC centers on four areas:
            ◦       Adult/Independent Living
            ◦       Employability
            ◦       Life-Long Learning
            ◦       Recreation & Leisure

    As such, our days are spent volunteering within our community, creating and maintaining budgets through hands on, real world learning, and gaining employability skills in simulated campus-based experiences.

    Our Daily Schedule:

    Monday: Mosaic Morning- Campus Based Production Lab; Mosaic Afternoon-Community Volunteer Work

    Tuesday: Mosaic Morning- Community Volunteer Work; Mosaic Afternoon-Tuesday Tune In Social Outing

    Wednesday: Mosaic Morning- Campus Based Office Workroom ; Mosaic Afternoon-Community Volunteer Work

    Thursday: Harris Fam Apartment Day

    Friday: Student Planned Social Outings

    Classroom Telephone:  281-641-7826
    Google Phone Number:
    Conference/Office hours: 2:00-3:15 P.M.  Monday-Friday

    Ms. Deonica N. Harris, M.Ed.