• Coach Finch 
    That's me on the left at my 8th mud run!
    That's me on the left at my 8th mud run!


    Erin Finch
    Physical Education Teacher
    Jennifer Crutcher
    PE Assistant


    Physical Education 2019-2020

    Humble ISD P.E. Mission Statement:
    All elementary school aged children will participate in a physical education program that will increase physical competence, health-related fitness, and self responsibility so that they can establish physical activity as a natural part of everyday life.

    WOW! It is so exciting being the Coach at Oaks Elementary.  I am starting my 20th year in education and this will be my 11th year as a P.E. teacher.   I hope my energy and love for health and fitness will spread throughout the school.  I am looking forward to a great year!