Welcome to Oaks Elementary where learning is fun!

  • We are a neighborhood school dedicated to excellence in education.  We are confident that you will find us to be a school of caring professionals who are always ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure your child's success. 

    When visiting our campus, you will experience a friendly nurturing environment where we value the gifts and talents that make all of our children unique and special.  Our goal is that every child believes he/she is an important part of our school community.  In addition to classroom instruction, many of our faculty members lead clubs and activities after school.

    At the Oaks, the academic curriculum is challenging, yet balanced with student support.  We use strategies that provide rigor and relevance in every lesson to every student.  Students will be well prepared for the future when leaving the Oaks.

    We welcome guests to visit our school to experience the exciting learning that is taking place.  We need and welcome your involvement, thoughts, questions and feedback.  We are very proud of our school and believe you will feel the same way after you visit and see us in action! 


    The Oaks Staff