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Dan Anderson
  • Science Club

    Posted by Daniel Anderson on 10/30/2019

    Our science club has started up again.  These sessions are for the upper grades, 3-5.  We had our first meeting on Tuesday where we became engineers, building structures with candy drops and candycorn.  Amazing creative minds were at work.  We also desolved candycorns in different fluids, observing rates and changes.  For extra fun we made some string slime.  Next week we explore Fibonacci numbers and sequences with liquid density.

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  • First Science Club

    Posted by Daniel Anderson on 9/4/2019

    First science club meeting was a blast!  We were geologists, exploring rocks, and then eating Pop Rocks!  What a fun time.  Our next meeting will involve chemistry and working with acids and bases to change the color of lemonade!  Can't wait!

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  • Week 3 of Learning

    Posted by Daniel Anderson on 8/26/2019

    Another exciting week is ahead for ASE.  The annual fund is in full swing and the students are buzzing about silly stringing their teachers!  The event is this Friday, weather looks good, and fun will be had by all.

    A few safety reminders:

    Car rider drop off is by the gym only.  It takes about 3 minutes to drop off students in the morning.  Lots of Panther Patrol members are eager to help.

    Please do not block streets, driveways, or walk ways during dismissal, we want everyone to get home quickly and safely.

    Attendance Reminders:

    Please remember, attendance matters and we want all students here.  Our school goal is 98% for the year.  You can help us achieve this by having your students here every day!

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  • First Week!

    Posted by Daniel Anderson on 8/16/2019

    What a successful first week at ASE!  We are in full swing and academic success is imminent! 

    Just a few reminders:

    Doors open at 7:30, students dropped off before that do not have adult supervision.

    The cones in the parking lot are not a drop off area.  Please drive around to safely drop off students.  

    Together we can have a safe and productive year at ASE!

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  • Safety

    Posted by Daniel Anderson on 8/9/2019

    The first day of school is quickly approaching.  Keeping that and everyday in mind, please promote safety first.  Students should only be dropped off from the car rider line by the gym where we have adults and safety patrol members to help.  Please do not drop students off in the parking lot.  Lots of students walk and ride bike, keep eyes open and avoid cell phone use.  Together we can have a safe and productive school year!

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  • First Day is Quickly Approaching!

    Posted by Daniel Anderson on 7/29/2019

    Things to remember before the first day of school.

    • Check our web site for new registration days and times
    • Update HAC (Home Access Center) Account
    • Purchase school supplies


    ASE PTO will be here on Meet Your Teacher Night (Aug. 8th)

    There might even be a Percy sighting!  Keep an eye out!Percy

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