• Welcome to


    Ms. Kressley's 3rd grade Reading Class!!!

    My Contact: Email me at  bincy.kressley@humbleisd.net  


    Our Schedule:  Room 305

    7:30-8:15         Soft Start/Small Guided Group  (Class 1)

    8:15-9:05         Specials

    9:05-11:30       Reading/ELA/SS 

    11:30- switch classes

    11:30-12:00     Reading/ELA/SS  (Class 2)    

    12:00-12:30     Lunch 

    12:30-1:00       Recess

    1:05-2:50         Reading/ELA/SS

    2:50- switch classes  

    3:00                 Pack and Stack

    3:15                 Dismissal 

    We have weekly Reading homework to help review

    and enforce using text evidence.


    It is highly recommended that students complete

    the weekly homework and read for 20 minutes nightly.