• Kelssem Quintal
    Computer Maintenance & Networking
    Kingwood Park High School
    Room LGI-2


          Welcome!!! I hope you are ready for another exciting and productive school year. Information technology is one of the fastest growing occupations. Every year the demand for IT professionals increases. My goal for this year is for you to feel confident and well prepared to pursue a career in information technology.

    In the Computer Maintenance class you will receive all the resources needed to prepare you to pass the A+ Certification. In the CISCO classes we are aiming for the CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. These certifications will get you interviews to high paying jobs and open many doors for you. These classes are college level classes and will require hard work and dedication; but if you come to class with a good attitude you will have a lot of fun.


    CompTIA A+ Certification Overview

    CISCO Certified Network Associate

    10 Reasons Why You Should Get the A+ Certification

    10 Reasons Why You Should Get CISCO CCNA Certified

Data Center
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