•  Humble ISD History

    1920s Top Music  


    1. Crazy Blue (Mamie Smith)
    2. Dardanella (Ben Selvin)
    3. I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now (Al Jolson)
    4. Love Nest (John Steel)
    5. Whispering (Paul Whiteman)


    1. Wang Wang Blues (Paul Whiteman)
    2. Look for the Silver Lining (Mario Harris)
    3. Margie (Eddie Cantor)
    4. The Wabash Blues (Isham Jones and His Orchestra)
    5. Say it with Music (Paul Whiteman)


    1. April Showers (Al Jolson)
    2. Hot Lips (Paul Whiteman)
    3. Love Her by Radio (Billy Jones)
    4. Mister Gallaghan and Mister Shean (Billy Jones & Ernie Hare)
    5. My Buddy (Henry Burr)


    1. Everything in K.O. in K.Y. (Paul Whiteman)
    2. Felix The Cat (Paul Whiteman)
    3. Swinging Down the Lane (Isham Jones)
    4. Down Hearted Blues (Bessie Smith)
    5. Waitin' for the Evenin' Mail (Al Bernard)


    1. Arkansas Blues/Blues Blues (Mound City Blue Blowers)
    2. Charley, My Boy (Bill Murray)
    3. The Prisoner's Song (Vernon Dalhart)
    4. Rhapsody in Blue (Paul Whiteman's Orchestra with George Gershwin)
    5. San (Paul Whiteman and His Jazz Band)


    1. Ah-Ha! (Ted Lewis & His Jazz Band)
    2. All Alone (John McCormack)
    3. Charleston (Paul Whiteman)
    4. Dinah (Ethel Waters)
    5. Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now (The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks)






    1. Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now (Ruth Etting)
    2. Diga Diga Doo (Duke Ellington & His Cotton Club Orchestra)
    3. Is There Anything Wrong in That? (Helen Kane)
    4. I Must Have That Man (Adelaide Hall)
    5. I Wanna Be Loved By You (Helen Kane)


    1. A Bundle of Old Love Letters (James Melton)
    2. Am I a Passing Fancy (Pete Woolery)
    3. Am I Blue (Ethel Waters)
    4. At Close of Day (James Melton)
    5. Broadway Melody (Charles King)