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    Lakeland Elementary students learn a variety of art techniques, refine their fine motor skills, create art that expresses their individuality, creativity, and enhance their critical thinking abilities.

    Art is critical to supporting our intellect, creativity, and wisdom.


     Dear Lakeland Friends & Families,

    How wonderful it has been to have time with each of you this 2021-2022 school year.  Our art room hosted a lot of creative and beautiful artwork!  We are working on wrapping up this school year by reviewing our basics and relaxing with art play.

    Please continue to keep an attitude of gratitude and hard work.   Enjoy your summer holiday.

    Keep creating,

    Mrs. Bear Kelly


    p.s.  I apologize for my typos earlier and have fixed them.  Always learning!


    Email: peggy.bear@humbleisd.net 

    Work phone: 281-641-1200 x 1259


    E/4- Above-average and consistent work, behavior, leadership, few errors, thoughtful and detailed work, excellent craftsmanship, unique art to the individual

    S/3- Grade-level work, expected and average behavior choices, thoughtful and detailed work, average craftmanship, unique art

    N/2- Below average behavior choices and/or hurried and poor work, poor craftmanship

    U/1- Poor behavior choices and/or incomplete and missing work