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    Room 2502

    US History (11)

    Email: kkaspar@humbleisd.net

    Students will be using the online classroom Schoology for outside readings, class discussions, power point notes,course videos, writing resources as well as for their unit tests. Students will also need to download the Respondus Lockdown Browser, which works with Schoology, for all quizzes and tests.

    Let's MAKE History! 

    Schedule:                                   Flex Tutoring
    1st: Athletics                              Wed. - Flex B
    2nd: Virutal US History              Thurs. - Flex B
    3rd: US History
    4th: US History
    5th: Athletics
    6thUS History
    7th: US History



    For all necessary information check your students Schoology home page for more information regarding my classes.