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    What are Head Lice?
    Teeny, tiny bugs (like sesame seeds) that nest in your hair. Many people associate lice with uncleanliness or poor personal hygiene but this is not true.
    How can I tell I have lice?
    Children with lice often complain of an "itchy" head. Lice are difficult to spot; it is easier to look for their eggs called nits, which are the size of sesame seeds and may appear milky-white on dark hair, or brown on lighter colors of hair. Nits are firmly attached to the base of the hair shaft. They will not flake off and should not confused with dandruff.
    Where do lice come from?
    Although these insects cannot hop, jump, or fly...they crawl really fast from one head to another via head to head contact. They can also crawl from a comb or brush, or a hat or jacket that has been shared.
    How do I treat Head Lice?
    Wash your child's hair with a lice shampoo and follow the directions carefully on the lice treatment package. Remove all eggs. It is also highly recommended you use a lice comb to remove the eggs and nits. All eggs must be removed to break the lice cycle. Use a second treatment in 7-10 days if product recommends. This is a very important step because up to 30% of lice eggs may survive standard pesticide based lice treatments.
    How do I treat my house?
    Wash sheets in hot water, vacuum all floors (including cars), wash clothes & jackets in hot water and dry on the hottest setting for at least 20 minutes. Throw out vacuum cleaner bag after use. Abe sure to soak all combs, brushes and other hair items in hot water (130 degrees) or rubbing alcohol for 10 minutes. You can also run these items through the dishwasher. To kill nits, items may also be placed in the freezer (in a sealed double bag) for 24 hours or in the microwave for 15 seconds.
    Check and Recheck
    Check the scalp and hair of all family members everyday for 10 days.
    - Examine head under bright light
    - Part the hair and look carefully at the scalp, behind the ears and the nape of the neck.
    - Lice will quickly move away from the light.
    Prevention Tips
    - Tea Tree oil may be added to your shampoo. This puts enough oil in the shampoo to prevent the lice from attaching to the hair shaft.
    - Use gel in your child's hair. This also prevents lice from attaching to the hair shaft.
    - Keep long hair pulled back in a pony tail.
    - There is a product called Lice Shield that repels head lice. They have a daily shampoo or leave in spray.
    Please continue to do your part to prevent further spread by examining your child's hair on a regular basis. Should lice be found in your child's hair, please give me a call to let me know.
    Should you need further information, please call the nurse clinic. 281-641-3405.