Ms. LaTarshia Flowers
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    Ms.Flowers here, and I am elated to begin our third year together ( and first for my new students)! I anticipate new and great experiences, lessons, relationships being built that will last for years, and most importantly, many memories that can be looked on and shared as examples of growth.  My number one job and passion is to get to know each and every one of my kiddos and navigate the years with you and your families. I am the "happy medium," and I enjoy having this role in your lives. Please feel free to reach out to me as I take joy in assisting as needed. I cannot wait to watch each of you complete your final year of middle school and prepare for your next journey to high school!



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    Office Location: AO16

    Office Number: 281-641-6004



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    8:00 pm to 4:00 pm


    Please allow 24 hours response time for voicemails and email. If you require immediate attention please contact the 6th grade office at 281-641-6070.