• Freshmen Meningitis Requirement

    For Lone Star College Enrollment


    Texas State Law (SB1107) requires that students enrolling in college courses for credit have a record of the meningitis vaccine on file with that college.   Students not in compliance with this requirement by the week before school starts, will be DROPPED from their Lone Star College classes.


    Humble ISD cannot legally share your child’s immunization record with the college.   The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) prohibits public schools from sharing confidential health information (including immunization records).  


    There are 3 ways to satisfy the requirement for meningitis vaccine with Lone Star College System on registration night at Quest:

    1.    Submit proof of Vaccination.  -  A digital copy must be uploaded to Magnus SMR through the application section on your Lone Star College System account.(credit card required)

    2.   Submit proof of Medical Exemption.  -  A digital copy of a doctor’s letter must be uploaded to Magnus SMR (credit card required)

    3.   Submit proof of Conscientious Objection.  -  Complete a form online and submit a signed copy to the QECHS office for the Lone Star College System to collect the next week. (no cost)

    Staff will be available on registration night to assist you.  If you choose option #1 or #2, please bring a flash drive with a copy of your child’s immunization record (or other digital access method such as previously scanned file to email) and a credit card to pay $10 to Magnus SMR. 

    There is no charge or upload requirement for Option # 3.