• Interested New Students

    Sconzo ECHS is a school of choice. As an early college high school, transfers to Sconzo ECHS are only allowed if the student is tranfering from an ECHS outsode of HUmble ISD and cannot be guaranteed unless a space is available in that cohort. Students who are moving into Humble ISD from another ECHS should contact the registrar for more information. 

    In District Transfer Request Instructions (Return to home campus)
    Students who choose to attend Sconzo Early College High School make a commitment to stay at least one school year.  This is in line with the district's rules for transferring into a school of choice.  At the end of the school year you must make an appointment with the Principal for an exit interview, and request a transfer from the school district’s transfer office before you can withdraw.  If the district then approves the transfer request, they will notify you and Quest.  At that time, you should call and make an appointment with the registrar to withdraw the student.

    Withdrawals – Moving Out of District
    Please call and make an appointment with the regist allowed rar to withdraw a student because you are moving out of the Humble ISD school district.  We must have a 24 hour notice.


    Turnaround time for withdrawals request is 48 hours.