Last modified September 8 , 2016

    Article I - Name:

    Section 1: The name of this organization shall be Quest United Environmental Protection Organization, hereinafter referred to as QUEPO.

    Article II - Purpose:

    Section I:

    Promote and encourage participation by students of Quest Early College High School in the programs and activities related to conservation and environmental activism.

    Section II: Educate faculty and students on issues related to environmental conservation.

    Article III - Membership:

    Section 1: All students of Quest Early College High School are eligible for membership. Each member in good standing shall have one vote. Section 2: Members should be interested in the objectives and purposes of the organization and be willing to actively participate and support club activities. Members should be willing to work after club designated time.

    Section 3: Membership may terminate upon:

    1. Voluntary withdrawal;
    2. Violation of the By-Laws
    3. Violation of a lawful rule or practice, duly adopted by the organization or by the Executive Board

    Article IV - Meetings:

    Section 1: Meetings shall be held each Thursday. A quorum and simple majority vote are required for approval of business items. Quorum is defined as: at least 3 of the 5 officers in attendance and 3 or more general members.

    Section 2: Officer meetings will be the first Tuesday of every month during flextime to review and plan for future activities.

    Section 3: The Business Meeting in September is designated as the Annual Meeting of The Club. The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to elect officers for the coming year; to hear and approve the financial statement for the organization; to approve the budget for the coming year; and to take other appropriate action.

    Article V - Fees and Assessments

    Section 1: The organization may assess fees for various services or benefits of the organization, for example, instruction, at any Business Meeting.

    Article VI - Officers and Their Duties:

    Section 1: Officers of the organization shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Event Coordinator. Any active member of the organization, in good standing, is eligible for these offices. Officers shall be elected by ballot or voice vote at the Annual Meeting. A majority vote of member present shall elect, using multiple ballots if needed. Newly elected officers shall assume their duties at the September business meeting. Section 2: The President may fill vacancies in any office by appointment, subject to approval by majority vote of the membership in attendance at the next Business Meeting.

    Section 3: Funds disbursement: A majority vote of the membership in attendance shall be required for any expenditure of funds. This vote must be recorded in the meeting minutes.

    Section 4: Duties of Officers:

    Officer’s major responsibilities are listed below. Specific officer job descriptions will be maintained by the President.


    Is empowered to conduct organization meetings, routine and ordinary business of the organization. The President shall confer with the Executive Committee to determine the course of action for non-routine business.  The president is responsible for planning the club's agenda.


    Vice President:

    Acts as the President when the President is absent or not able to fulfill the duties of the office for an extended period. The Vice President also performs other duties at the request of the President.

    Treasurer:Works with the organization sponsor to receives fees, donations and other income for the organization while working within the district policy and procedures Prepares the budget with assistance of the Executive Committee and organization sponsor; and, reports the financial condition of the organization at business meetings, and at other times when requested. These will also oversee membership attendance and assist with planning of weekly events.


    Records and reports minutes for business meetings as well as the following:

    1. Email minutes to officers.
    2. Keep records of the organization Bylaws and communications

    Public Relations Coordinator:

    Recruits club membership and maintains a social media presence. 

    Article VII - Committees:

    Section 1: Executive Committee: The elected officers of the organization, along with additional members elected by the organization as deemed necessary by the President, comprise the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall review changes to the By-Laws; recommend policies and procedures; assist the Treasurer with preparation of the budget; recommend expenditure of funds; and, take other action to advance the aims and purposes of The Club. Section 2: Sub Committee: The President may appoint a Sub Committee necessary

    Article VIII - Amendment of By-Laws:

    Section 1: Petitions to change these By-Laws must be presented to the Executive Committee in writing to be considered.

    Section 2: When significant changes to these By-Laws are proposed, they shall be explained and discussed at a Business Meeting that is held at least thirty days prior to the vote to ratify them. Section 3: After approval by majority vote of the Executive Committee, changes to these By-Laws must be ratified by two-thirds vote of the memberships attending a Business Meeting.

    Article IX - Dissolution of the organization:

    Section 1: On dissolution of the organization, any funds remaining in the treasury shall be distributed by the QCMC. Section 2: Any remaining equipment belonging to the organization shall be given to the current science facilitators for use on behalf of all Quest Early College High School Students.