• Class Philosophy


    Dear Parents & Guardians,


    I would like to welcome you to our music classroom.  While students are in music class, it is my goal to open them up to a wide variety of music, from rap to country to classical.  It is essential that we as human beings are able to interpret the musical world around us and see how it is related to the rest of our culture and subject areas.  Music plays such a vital role in the majority of our lives, and it is my duty and responsibility to teach students the basics of reading, writing, playing, listening to, and analyzing music.


    At Lakeshore Elementary, the music classroom will be where we establish and grow the basic building blocks of a successful and fruitful music appreciation.  As a dedicated, qualified music educator, I PLEDGE TO:


    = Create a positive and inviting atmosphere for each and every student

    = Follow the National Standards of music and the state TEKS in music education in each lesson plan.
    = Have each student handle instruments in some capacity.
    = Teach a variety of musical concepts using a variety of techniques that promise to be both fun and educational.
    = Allow every student, regardless of ability, the opportunity to further their musical understanding.
    = Promote and build positive and strong student character.
    = Help students understand and express their musical selves in creative ways.

    = Guide students towards setting and completing personal musical goals.

    = Provide frequent, honest, and constructive feedback to help each student's musical ability grow.

    = Emphasize group harmony by provided numerous opportunities to work as a team or ensemble.

    = Show the importance of practice and developing a musical skill.


    The school year at Lakeshore Elementary will be both challenging and exciting.  Students will have many musical opportunities that they might not have anywhere else in their lives.  As the year progresses, they will see their talents develop and realize talents they might not have known they had.  By providing every child the opportunity to participate in a highly diverse music curriculum, I am confident that Lakeshore Elementary can have a music program that fosters critical listening, musical literacy, and numerous performance opportunities.  Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to getting to know both you and the students.



    Jonathan Kaciuba

    General Music 

    Lakeshore Elementary