• While Reading with your Child:

    While reading with your child, it is a good idea to stop and ask questions periodically
    throughout the reading. This ensures understanding and comprehension. Below are some
    reading response questions to ask.



    1. Does this book remind you of another book?

    2. Were you reminded of anything in your own life?

    3. Is the setting important in the story? How?

    4. What words did the author use to describe the setting?

    5. Are there any powerful characters in the story? What makes them this way?

    6. Who is the most interesting character? Why?

    7. Which character has taught you the most?

    8. What is the problem in the story? How do you think it will be resolved?

    9. What was the most important part of the story?

    10. Do you think the story really could have happened?

    11. What is the story about?

    12. Whose point of view is used in the story? (Who is telling the story?)

    13. What happened first, next, then and last?

    14. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why?

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  • Reading Strategies

    Help your child think about their reading!

    • Use their schema before, during and after reading. Schema is everything you know!
    • Make a connection, text to self or text to text. Ask your child if it is a meaningful connection that helps them understand the story.
    • Make a mental image.
    • Write questions they may have before, during or after reading.
    • Find a theme of the story. (what the author wants us to know)
    • Infer. (How is a character feeling? What will happen next? Why did something happen?)
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