• Snack Policy

    Snack Time


       Students will be allowed to bring one nutritious snack item each day to be eaten in class at a designated time. No chips, cookies or candy should be brought. The first three ingredients of the snack should not be sugar. We prefer the snacks to be dry and healthy. Students will not be allowed to eat wet foods like pudding, yogurt, or fruit cups. Below is a list of healthy snacks to choose from. 

         ***Please be sure and let me know if your child has any food allergies.

    Suggested Snack List

    baby carrots                                                             raisins     

    celery                                                                       popcorn (pre-popped)

    animal crackers                                                         dry cereal

    wheat crackers                                                         string cheese/cheese cubes

    goldfish                                                                    graham crackers

    pretzels                                                                   vanilla wafers

    granola bars                                                             dried fruit

    apples (whole or sliced)                                            bagels

    plum/peach (whole)                                                  chex mix 

    banana                                                                      rice cakes
     Students are free to bring water.
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