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    Fun Facts About The Little Teacher!

    I  my students.

    I have taught for 22 years (K, 1st, 4th).

    I have certifications in Early Childhood, Reading, and ESL.

    My nephews are my greatest joy.

    Growing up, I attended 4 elementary schools in 3 states.

    While I’m very short, my younger brother is very tall (6’1”).

    I collect owls, crosses, and children’s books.

    I am very crafty. 

    I’m a frequent shopper at Michaels, Target, & Amazon.

    My family is AWESOME.  I always look forward to time with them.

    I attended SHSU & CU, but I cheer for the Aggies!

    At age 8 ½, there was a book written about my family and me entitled Thinking Big.

    Even after he/she leaves my class, I will always care about your child.