•          Mrs. Drew is from a large family. She grew up with her sisters; Lisa, Christine, Kathryn, Melissa; and her brother, Brian, while living overseas. Mrs. Drew left the USA as a 1 year old and returned when she was 14 years old.

             Port Elizabeth, South Africa was the first of many countries that Mrs. Drew lived in as a child. While in Port Elizabeth, she rode on an ostrich at an animal preserve. From Port Elizabeth, her family moved to Ghana, Africa.

    Ghana    In Ghana, Mrs. Drew's family lived in-country along the Ericson River. The jungle was just behind the backyard fence. The neighborhood’s night watchman was a headhunter and the native people had parades to celebrate holidays. Each local village had its own chief and their homes were constructed with woven mats from native plants.

             From Ghana, Mrs. Drew's family moved to Bombay, India. Bombay is now called Mumbai. While lMarket iving in Bombay, Mrs. Drew rode camels and elephants at the zoo. She saw snake charmers and shopped in the markets. Mrs. Drew rode double decker busses to Cathedral and John Cannon School. 


    Jeepney    Next Mrs. Drew's family moved to Manila Philippines. Her family's house was surrounded by a stone wall that Mrs. Drew would climb. Jeepneys were fun, colorful taxis built out of old U.S. Army jeeps. After living in Manila, Mrs. Drew's family moved back to Bombay for a short while before returning to the United States.

             In the USA, Mrs. Drew has lived in Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas and has visited Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and North Carolina. 

             She graduated from The Ohio State University and she met her husband, Harry, while going to school. They enjoy attending Ohio State football games together and her graduation ceremony was held in Ohio Stadium. Mrs. Drew has two sons, James and Stephen. Both of her children graduated from Atascocita High School. 


    Philmont    In 2009, Mrs. Drew and James went on a 14-day backpacking trek at Philmont Scout Ranch. They carried their food, tent, and clothes as they followed trails through the mountains surrounding Cimarron, New Mexico.

    Zip line


             She has traveled to Costa Rica with James and Stephen. While in Costa Rica, they climbed gigantic rainforest trees and repelled and rode zip lines back down to the ground. They swam in pools heated by active volcanoes and hiked through the rainforest finding poison dart frogs and tree frogs hiding underneath leaves.

    Tulum    In April 2010, Mrs. Drew and her husband traveled to the Mayan Riveria in Mexico. While in Mexico they visited the Mayan Seaport ruins of Tulum. The iguanas now live where the Mayans once did. Mrs. Drew swam with sea turtles in the ocean.


             During Summer 2010, Mrs. Drew and her sons enjoyed the MLS All Stars vs Manchester United Soccer Match. Her sons, James and Stephen, were thrilled as their favorite team - Manchester United – won by 3 goals!

             In 2012, Mrs. Drew and her husband visited Israel for 10 days. The highlights of the trip were sailing on the Sea of Galilee, swimming in the Dead Sea, and touring Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
             During Summer 2014, Mrs. Drew and her husband went backpacking with a coed Venture Scouts group at Philmont Scout Ranch in the New Mexico mountains for 10 days.

          For relaxation, Mrs. Drew can be found curled up with a good book or solving crosswords and Suduko puzzles in ink. 
    In her 'free time,' Mrs. Drew enjoys traveling, bicycling, reading, and swimming. She currently enjoys bicycling with her husband to support "Ride for Little Heroes" and  "Pelotonia"Peletonia Mrs. Drew peddled 50 miles in the Pelotonia Bike Tour in Columbus, OH  - August 2017, August 2018, and August 2019. The Pelotonia is a grassroots bicycle tour that raises funds for cancer research. On the weekends, you just may see Mrs. Drew and her husband zipping through Eagle Springs on their bicycles.