• Hello everyone! I am Christina Miceli, I am a Sped Interventionist at Lakeshore Elementary. I have been in education since 1991. This is my first year at Lakeshore Elementary. I have a Bachelor's in Music Education from Houston Baptist University and my Masters in Education and Administration from Sam Houston State University. I have 4 amazing children ages 31 to 9.


    The role of the Special Education Department is one of ensuring that all children are successtul by determing individual need and utilizing research based, effective documentation, interventions, and collaborative planning to monitor and generate IEPs, conduct ARD meetings, work in partnership with parents, teachers, and the student to promote holistic success.


    Building relationships and consistently ensuring compliance, empowers educators to help students utilize interventions and strategies to ensure individual growth and become lifelong self-advocates and learners.


    I am prepared to utilize all skills acquired, ensure compliance and be an asset to the students, parents, campus, and community to both empower and advocate for the well being and education of all students.


    Christina Miceli, M.Ed.