Texas Elementary Art Meet 2020-2021

  • Winners and Photo Gallery (scroll down for art)

    8 artists participated in TEAM (Texas Elementary Art Meet) this year. Our Shark Artists recieved a good/exemplary ratings and 1 TOP of TEAM winner! (Top 10% of their grade level) Congrats!


    Mary Grayson Waggoner- 4th grade- "You Are What You Eat"- Exemplary rating/medal

    Sarah Moffitt- 3rd grade-  "Perfectly Patterned Pinwheel"- Exemplary rating/TOP of TEAM/medal

    Alyssa Yates- 3rd grade- "Delightfully Delicious Donuts"- Exemplary rating/medal

    Nevaeh Lacy- 2nd grade- "Nevaeh's Special Self-Portrait"- Exemplary rating/medal

    Gabby Garcia- 2nd grade- "Fat Cat"- Good rating/ribbon

    Joseph Shelman- 1st grade- "Fox's Flower Garden"- Exemplary rating/medal

    Henry Lewis- Kindergarten- "Space Adventure"- Exemplary rating/medal