• Dr. Chillis comes to be the school's 5th Grade Virtual teacher after teaching middle school, high school and college.  As a doctoral recipient with a concentration in "learning technologies," from the University of North Texas, Dr. Chillis is one of the pioneering professionals to the designing, implementing and evaluating remote/electronic learning processes.  As a high school teacher Chillis has focused years of virtual teaching of every high school course, operating and facilitating computer labs and dozens of technlology courses including "career explorations." 

    Dr. Chillis has dedicated his works to aiding students reach their fulll potential in both life and academics by providing students with a safe and encouraging learning environment.  By employing a personal approach to education, Chillis adjusts each lesson and activity to set and maintain a high level of scholarly efforts and interests.     

    In staying inline with state and district virtual initiatives the class goal is to increase learning and permanent retention by providing oportunities for all students to personalize their learning sets.


Dr. Jimmy Chillis