• Hi Parents!  Here are some basic skills to practice at home during the weekends and on school breaks.  Any practice will help your child.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you!



    *Have your child practice identifying each letter (uppercase and lowercase) and its sound.


    Sight Words/Writing

    *Have your child practice reading his/her sight words.  After your child reads the words, have him/her practice writing the words.



    *Count forwards 1-20 and backwards 20-1.  

    *Write numbers 1-20.

      (Once your child can do this, have him/her write numbers beyond 20.)

    *Identify numbers 1-20.

      (Once your child can do this, have him/her identify numbers beyond 20.)

    *Count to 50, starting at any given number. 

      (Once your child can do this, have him/her count to 100.)

    *Count by fives and tens.

    *Identify all four coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter).

    *Practice addition story problems.

    *Practice subtraction story problems.



    Your child is strongly encouraged to read and listen to books using the Kids A-Z program.

    To access this program:

    For laptops/desktops - go to www.kidsa-z.com.

    For Smartphones/tablets/iPads - just download the app (Kids A-Z).

    Please text/email me for the username. :-)