• Weekly Music Notes

    Rotation 8



    We are continuing our Farm Unit by singing about the pig! We are playing guiros, a scraper instrument, in class.


    1st Grade:

    We are learning about steady beat and drawing steady beat in music class. We are moving to show steady beat in various activities.


    2nd Grade: 

    We are singing a song and playing a game that use So and Mi as the two pitches. We are also singing a song that prepares longer sounds.


    3rd Grade:

    We are reviewing rhythms learned in previous years by playing a fun "telephone" game!


    4th Grade:

    We are learning a new rhythm, syncopation, with a song from Jamaica about papayas. We're also playing a game with the new rhythm called "Poison Rhythm"


    5th Grade:


    We continue to prep for our Veteran's Day celebration in November. The kids are sounding great!