Welcome to the SFE Art Studio! Please use the links on the side menu to browse and my contact info below!

  • In the Shadow Forest Art Studio our Shark Artists explore art and artists through creative expression in a variety of mediums! Our Shark Artists create masterpieces using the Elements of Art and Prinicples of Design, participate in various art events/contests in the district, and collaborate through an annual school-wide project celebrating DOT Day!

    Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Value, Form, Space, and Texture

    Principles of Design: Pattern, Unity, Variety, Rhythm, Balance, Emphasis, Proportion


    Kasey Toensfeldt



    Kasey Toensfeldt

    Humble ISD Art Teacher

    Email: kasey.toensfeldt@humbleisd.net

    Twitter: @MrsT_ART

    Shadow Forest Elementary

    Room#: 603

    Phone: 281-641-2635 





  • Art Studio Schedule 2021-2022

    8:05-9:00---5th grade

    9:05-10:00---4th grade

    10:00-10:55---2nd grade

    11:00-11:55---3rd grade




    2:05-3:00---1st grade