• Hello y'all! This is my seventh year teaching, but my first year here at Ross Sterling and I am so excited to be here! I was born and raised in the Houston area but I felt the need to explore Texas a little more and so I struck out to experience the college life a little farther from home.  I landed at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas and I loved every minute of it! Get your guns up Red Raiders!

    I am married to a wonderful, but ridiculously goofy man, and you will hear lots of stories about him over the school year. He cares as much about you guys as I do! He is often up with me until the wee hours cutting my lamination, and helping me to organize the crazy ideas I come up with. He is so supportive and involved in what I do.  We are currently expecting our first child this December, and we couldn’t be more excited! We are having a little girl, her name is to be determined.

    I am a sports lover. I was a swimmer and a water polo player in High School, and I LOVE to watch my Red Raiders play football. If you are an athlete I'd love to go and see you play so let me know! I also love going to plays and band performances so if you have something you want me to go see just let me know, I’ll be there!

    I also enjoy reading, I am, and always have been, an avid reader, but one of my biggest passions is animals.  I have three dogs; Cordell, Booger, and Chandler, as well as an axolotl named Das Salamander Midas! I also used to volunteer at the Houston Zoo and that was a fantastic experience.  My favorite animal is the giraffe, I am not sure what it is about giraffes, but I LOVE them!

    About Science:

    That was just a little about me and I am sure as the year goes on you will get to know me much better, and I am looking forward to getting to know all of you as well!  I do want to take a minute to tell you a little about what to expect with me as your 8th grade science teacher. I couldn't be more excited to have you in my classroom this year. This year is going to be challenging, engaging, and hopefully, FUN! This year science covers a vast amount of topics, has several projects, and a variety of fun and exciting labs.  I know you and I will have a fantastic time this year.

    Primarily, I would like to make my expectations for this year known.  7th grade science and 8th grade science are very VERY different classes.  In 7th grade you studied a lot of what you could see and touch, in 8th grade a lot of what we will be studying are things you cannot see.  This makes it potentially more challenging, but it is also incredibly interesting. With that being said, I have very high expectations of all of my students.  I believe that if I expect the best and I give you my best then we will excell together this year. Don’t worry, I am not expecting you to do all the work, but I am expecting you to work hard and always do your best work. I am a firm believer in no minimums, if you want great things in your life then you have to put forth great effort to make those things happen!

    I am SO excited about this school year and I cannot wait to get started!