• Humble ISD counselors teach The Great 8: Skills for Daily Life using the Why Try program as the foundation of the guidance curriculum. I will conduct Classroom Guidance Lessons using our Why Try curriculum and the "Great 8 Skills" generated from the book How Children Succeed by Paul Tough. 

    During the 2020-2021 school year, we will focus on:

    • Decision Making
    • Personal Responsibility
    • Self-Awareness
    • Social –Awareness


    Cycle 1: 

    Decision Making- A child's approach to problem solving that involves learning from others and from their own previous experiences, using their values to guide their actions, and accepting responsibility for their decisions.

    Cycle 2:

    Personal Responsibility- A child's tendency to be careful and reliable in her/his actions and in contributing to group efforts.

    Cycle 3:

    Self-Awareness- A child's realistic understanding of his/her own strengths and limitations and consistent desire for self improvement.

    Cycle 4: 

    Social Awareness- A child's capacity to interact with others in a way that shows respect for their ideas and behaviors, recognizes her/his impact on them, and uses cooperation and tolerance in social situations.

    I will be coming into the classroom each 9 weeks to get to know your children and provide guidance lessons and promote the WPE motto

    We are Safe

    We are Kind

    We are Respectful

    We are PANDAS!!